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Yashasvi Pandey C.R. Bishnoi
The Determinants of Economic Growth in India:
An Empirical Analysis
(UGC-CARE List Group I)
Aarthika Charche -FPI Journal of Economics &
7 (2)  16-30 2022  
N. Agarwal S. Kastiya, Deepa Pareek
The Factors Affecting Consumer
Behaviour Towards Functional Food Categories in 21 st Century- A Study of India

(UGC-CARE Listed) 

Shodh Sanchar Bulletin

11 (41)  - 2021  
P. Singh  Anima Vaish India’s  Trade with its major trading Partners – A Study of 21st century Journal of Rajasthan Statistical Association Volume 3 No.1  140 -143 2021 2278-4845

U. Sharma

Anima Vaish Mukhyamantri Chiranjeevi Yojana: Analysing the Affordable Health Insurance Model PRAGATI - Journal of Indian Economy Volume 8, Issue 2 133-143 2021 2347-4432

N. Sharma .

Anima Vaish Growing Contribution of Service Sector in India’s Economy: An Analysis of its Performance in Pre and Post-reform Periods

(UGC-CARE Listed) 

Shodh Sanchar Bulletin

Vol 11. (41) 139-144 2021 2239-3620

A. Meena

Anima Vaish


Information and Communication Technology Tools for Research in Social Sciences

(UGC – CARE Listed)

TEST Engineering & Management Journal

Vol 83  402 -407 2020 0193-4120

Deepa Pareek


Tourism Development: Its Impact on Economy

The IIS University Journal of Social Sciences





Yashasvi Pandey

Anima Vaish

Solar Power Potential of Rajasthan – Status and Prospects

The IIS University Journal of Social Sciences





Shailja Khanduri Nidhi Sharma Marketing innovations: conceptual approaches, impact and analytical tools The IIS University Journal of Social Sciences 2 150-168 2013 2319-2593
Shailja Khanduri Nidhi Sharma Impact of Marketing Strategy on Newspaper Firms In India: Route to Survival in the era of Digitization Research Reinforcement 1 76-82 2015 2348-3857
Ms. Sapna Somani Dr. Nidhi Sharma Distribution of Landholdings among Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribe in Rajasthan IMPETUS Volume V 132-141 2016 2278-0254
Ms. Sapna Newar Dr. Nidhi Sharma An Analysis of Agriculture Sector in Rajasthan Research Reinforcement Vol.5, No.1 76-81 2017 2348-3857
Ms. Sapna Newar Dr. Nidhi Sharma A District-wise Analysis of Land Use Pattern and Land Use Changes in Rajasthan Rajasthan Economic Journal [Journal of Rajasthan Economic Association] VOL. 42, No. 1  92-102 2018 0975-9050