WORLD BANK GROUP’S Open Data Training

The Department of Economics is organizing a one day workshop on `Open Data

Development Initiatives’ of the World Bank in collaboration with World Bank Group,

New Delhi. The WB Group has organized around 50 such trainings in many lead

institutes like IIMs, IITs, JNU, NCAER, CPR, BHU, etc. since 2012.

The primary principle of the Open Development initiative is Open Data and

Knowledge, Open Operations and Tools and open solutions. The Bank facilitates all

interested parties with accessible, easy-to-use data, and with unprecedented access to

other information and documents.  Broad access to these data allows citizens, CSOs,

policy makers, advocacy groups and other stakeholders to make better-informed

decisions and to measure improvements more accurately.

 The World Bank represents a fundamental shift in the its’s approach to making

information publicly available. It recognizes the centrality of transparency and

accountability to the development process and includes principled commitments to

strengthen public ownership and oversight of Bank-financed operations. The Bank’s

Open Data, Open Finances, Geomapping, Open Knowledge Repository (OKR),

publication and reports, and other platforms, open tools, Mobile apps represent its

efforts to foster transparency and openness.

 This workshop has thus been planned to raise awareness and ensure that

Students/researchers and beneficiary communities learn to use the policy and open tools

to access timely and relevant information and data on Bank-financed projects and make

the Open Agenda to be better known among academics, researchers, CSOs, and

policymakers in country.