Workshop on Applied Econometrics & Forecasting,26-27 Sep,2013)

Department of Economics

Two-Day Workshop


“Applied Econometrics & Forecasting”

26-27 September, 2013

The Department of Economics organized a two-day workshop on “Applied Econometrics & Forecasting”. It was attended by 45 students of the department who participated very enthusiastically and found the workshop very enriching.

Resource Person:

Prof. Pranab Banerjee

Indian Institute of Public Administration,

Indra Prastha Estate, New Delhi-110002.




Session 1: Introduction to Econometrics and Review of some    basic Statistical concepts

Session 2: Basic Statistical Tools needed for Econometrics

Session 3 & 4: Classical Simple Linear Regression Model


Session 1: Multiple Regressions

Session 2: Other (Non-Linear) Functional Forms

Session 3: Violation of Assumptions & Remedies

Session 4: Looking forward and summing up