Visit to RBI, Jaipur on 01.03.2013

Visit to RBI, Regional Office, Jaipur on 1 March, 2013

Students from the department of Economics, The IIS University were taken to Reserve Bank of India (Jaipur) to gain financial literacy and to understand the working of the RBI. Firstly, the students were taken to the banking hall where various account managing departments were located. There was placed a coin vending machine which is used to extract coin against a note.RBI(Jaipur) is said to be the most energy efficient building in Jaipur and it has received a four star label in energy efficiency. 

Later the students were taken to the lecture hall where Dr. Ashish Shrivastav (manager, Urban banks Department/Human resource and financial literacy) delivered a lecture on the working of RBI. A short film featuring organization, functions and role of RBI was screened for us. Dr. Ashish Shrivastava talked about the preamble of RBI which is the basic vision for the institute. The preamble contains the principle idea on the working of RBI and which is as follows - to regulate the issue of bank notes, keeping a reserve, to secure monetary stability, to operate the currency system and to operate the credit system. 

Dr. Ashish patiently answered all the questions raised by the students. This trip was quite enriching as it gave us first-hand information about the Central Bank of our country. It is only because of this visit that we are now able to fully appreciate the humongous task the RBI, one of the best Central Banks in the World, is performing for the growth and stability of Indian economy.