Visit to Jaipur Literature Festival 2024

IIS (Deemed to be University) 



Date: -01/02/2024 

The Department of Economics of IIS (deemed to be) University organized an educational visit to the Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF) on 1st February 2024. A total of 17 students of UG and PG program of Economics along with 2 faculty members visited Hotel Clarks Amer on its inaugural day where the world's best thinkers, leading writers, speakers, and book enthusiasts from around the world came together. 

JLF features a diverse array of sessions encompassing literature, poetry, history, politics, journalism, and more providing the students the perfect opportunity to engage with a wide range of ideas and perspectives, making it a truly enriching experience. 

The students took the opportunity to attend the session "Breaking the mould: Reimagining the Economic Future". In conversation with Naushad Forbes, Raghuram Rajan, and Rohit Lamba elaborated on the book co-authored by the duo, expounding that the mould in some sense is the traditional growth trajectory that countries have successfully followed until now. Further, he emphasized how various other avenues have emerged and could as well be explored and services could be the way to growth. 

Rajan advocated for Decentralization from Centre to state, quoting that a few states like- Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Delhi faring well in education and health is because of the little decentralization that took place. The panelists spoke at length about various strategies, emphasizing the role of upskilling the labor force, expanding opportunities within the high- skilled service industries, and navigating the challenges to India's growth potential. 

In addition to this, the students actively participated in various other thought-provoking panel discussions encompassing a wide array of topics embracing the multitude of diverse voices, whilst also partaking in book signings. The experience was nothing short of unforgettable and provided a platform for meaningful dialogue and exchange.