IIS (deemed to be University)



DATE - November 30, 2022


“You don’t win a debate by suppressing discussion you win it with a better argument.”

The IIS Economics Society of IIS (Deemed to be university) organised its first MUN ECOSOC 2022 on 30th November 2022 at the Ojas Hall. The agenda of the day was the “Global impact of Russia-Ukraine War” and its implications on World War 3.

The event began with commemorating the esteemed judges Dr. Archana Gupta Ma'am and Dr. Mona Vyas Ma'am by the Vice-President and Secretary. The event began with a quick roll call to account for voting followed by a commencing of the motion of exhilarating session of debate.

Thereafter the delegates of various countries gave General Speakers’ List (GSL) speeches in order to substantiate the facts and their stand on the Russia – Ukraine War following with point of order by the opposition. The Model United Nations (MUN) saw participation of 37 delegates from the university and each one tried to define their call through GSL speeches. Speakers of the nation North Korea, Russia, China and United States of America were fierce with the accusation and held a strong stance for their nation.

A short Entertainment Session along with unmoderated caucus was organized by IP team in order to break the monotony.

The session resumed after a short break with another round of speeches and accusations. Each country tried to justify itself at the global level. After all the countries enunciated their stance, a voting was taken to conclude the debate session.

The daylong session taught the students the art of political analysis and problem solving. The students learnt how to come to a consensus and recommend a solution for the agenda at hand. Most importantly, the students learnt the finer nuances of conducting meaningful research and oratory skills.

The result of voting was level pegging but Russian bloc emerged as a winner by receiving just a single vote more than US bloc. The best speakers of the day were provided with Certificates by the Chancellor of IISU Ashok Gupta Sir with a short photoshoot. The judges appreciated the efforts of the participants and the organisers for hosting a successful event.