Special Talk on Internship opportunities: Campus to Corporate

IIS (deemed to be University)


Report of Special Talk on Internship Opportunities ‘Campus to Corporate’

DATE – August 22, 2023



The Department of Economics, IIS (deemed to be University) conducted a special talk on internship opportunities on August 22, 2023, in the AV Hall from 1:00 onwards. A total of 78 students attended the insightful lecture. The speaker of this program was Dr. Vaishali Gupta, who is a certified soft skills trainer at the IIS (deemed to be university).

Dr. Vaishali started the session with a quick warm-up exercise “Do as directed” where she asked the students to follow her instructions to improve focus and build enthusiasm. The talk encompassed a comprehensive roadmap that focused on resume building, internship strategies, certifications, interview preparation and networking. She emphasized the value of simplicity in resumes and highlighted the benefits of internships in enhancing skills, setting goals, gaining knowledge and receiving mentorship.

She recommended pursuing summer internships and aiming for 2-3 by the end of third year. The talk covered various internship avenues including Government internships (RBI, UNICEF, NITI Ayog), Virtual internships, Banking Internships (HDFC, ICICI, BAJAJ, AXIS) and regular corporate internships offered by the placement cell of the university. She further talked about the significance of certifications for skill enhancement and suggested platforms like Forage, Internshala Training, LinkedIn learning, Coursera and Simply learn to improve student’s skillset. Dr. Vaishali stressed that while certifications are important, they do not guarantee job on their own. The value of certifications lies in the skills and knowledge they provide, which can make a student more competitive in the job market.

Further, she talked about the interview preparation and the key points to remember while appearing for an interview. She gave a list of prominent questions that are usually asked in an interview and discussed the correct way of answering them. She advised students to showcase their skills and provide evidence to support their claims. She recommended refraining from including weaknesses related to the job role and transforming weaknesses into strengths. She encouraged students to show alignment with the company’s values and goals when asked why they should be hired. She also told the students to go with an intention of giving and not taking.

Lastly, Dr. Vaishali gave a bonus tip which revolved around the significance of building connections for career growth. She told students to establish connection with faculty members for potential reference or recommendation letters. She also emphasized forming relationships with seniors who can offer insights and guidance drawn from their experiences. This proactive networking approach can offer valuable support throughout students’ academic and professional journeys.

In conclusion, Dr. Vaishali’s “Campus to Corporate” talk provided a roadmap for students seeking a successful transition from academics to the professional world. Her insights on resume building, internship opportunities, certifications, interview preparation, and networking underscored the essential elements required for a holistic and well-prepared journey. By imparting practical advice, Dr. Vaishali equipped students with the tools to confidently navigate their path to corporate success.