Special Session of IISU Library & NDLI

IIS (deemed to be University)


Report of Special Session of IISU Library & NDLI

DATE – August 23, 2023


The Department of Economics, in association with the Central Library at the IIS (deemed to be University), conducted a special session on IISU Library & NDLI on August 23, 2023, in room no. 309 from 9:30 AM onwards. A total of 19 students attended this insightful session. The speaker for this program was Dr. Sonal Jain, Librarian at IIS (deemed to be university).

The session was informative as well as thought-provoking, aiming to broaden our understanding of the workings of the central library. With an esteemed speaker sharing her expertise, the lecture provided valuable insights and sparked engaging discussions among the attendees.

During the session, Dr. Sonal Jain provided information about the physical library, which includes a vast variety of books, journals, manuscripts and research papers. She also mentioned that the library timings are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Additionally, she explained that a PG scholar can borrow up to 5 books at a time and in case they are not returned within the specified time period, the student will be fined 2 Rs. Per day.

Furthermore, Ma’am introduced students to two different branches of the library other than the physical one, namely the IISU e-library and the National Digital Library. Both of these digital libraries function differently. To access the IISU e-library, students need to use their ID and password provided by the university, enabling them to access expert talks, previous year question papers, answer sheets of top-scoring students, and leisure reading books.

The second branch is the National Digital Library (Sponsored by NDHD, developed by IIT Kharagpur). Later, she discussed the process of logging in or registering in NDLI. To get logged in, students have to fill out a form to become a member of the NDLI club, ensuring they don’t miss out on any conducted activities. The NDLI passkey has been emailed to all the students to access the resources. Students can participate in various activities through this portal after registering. The delightful session ended by reminding students to handle the books with care and encouraging them to visit the library at least once a week.