Report on Special Lecture on the Use of MS Excel in Economics

The Department of Economics organized a Special lecture on the Use of MS Excel in Economics on Friday, October 12,2018 for the benefit of the students of MA/MSc and BA(H)/B.Sc (H) courses and research scholars of the department.

Prof C.R. Bishnoi, Head, Department of Economics delivered the lecture. He explained the importance of correctly framing research questions, research design, research tools, null and alternate hypotheses and selection of appropriate tests.

 He discussed the use of parametric and non-parametric tests in the hypothesis testing with the help of MS Excel and trained the participants to use these techniques in research. He also explained the use of one sample t test, two independent sample t test and paired-t test as well as one-way and two-way ANOVA with the help of sample data. As these tests can be used by students and research scholars in preparing dissertation and Ph.D. thesis, the session was very useful.