Orientation Session for Under Graduate Students

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. With this in mind, an Orientation Program was organized on July 24, 2019 for the undergraduate students of Economics of first year in the Aditya Hall. The program commenced by welcoming the students, faculty members and the guest speaker of the event, Prof Satish Batra.
A presentation was delivered by Ms. Vaishali Gupta, Assistant Professor of the department apprising the students of the curriculum and activities of the Department. The students were acquainted with the structure and detailed introduction of the course. This was followed by a quick go through over the features and usage of Metacampus account. 
The students were then shown a short video on the life story of the legendary captain MS Dhoni. The video was about how hardwork and perseverance can make a person reach the mountain peak. It also emphasized on the fact that nothing is impossible, accepting failures and learning from them is the only therapy a person must follow throughout. The orientation program was followed by a motivational speech by Prof. Batra on 'My Dream, My Life, My Voice, My Choice'.




Ashmita Agarwal
BSc(H) Sem V