International Economics Students Symposium (Econovista)

Students of the Department of Economics, The IIS University participated in a three day

Economics event, Ideas Forum and Econvista, organized by the Lady Shri Ram College, New

Delhi, from January 28- 30, 2016.

The first day involved deliberations over Global issues of concern followed by a two day

competitive event. The theme for Econvista 2016 was “Global Economic Crises since 1970s:

Issues, Implications and Resolutions”. Ideas Forum gave students the opportunity to participate,

discuss, debate and deliberate, with academic scholars on issues of global concern.

A seminar on “Ways to conduct Research” was conducted on the first day which talked about the

types and techniques of research.

Second day was scheduled with competitive events which included Checkmate, Monopoly and

Quest Maestro. Two of our students participated in Checkmate. They got eliminated in the 1st

round of the 3-round event. The next event was Quest Maestro which was again a 3 round event.  

Our team, consisting of 3 students, could not get through the qualifying round.

The event ended with a debate competition, Eco Matters which was conducted on  the last day,

30th January. Topics for the debate were "Imperialism today has manifested itself in a veil" and

"Economic agents are rational".

The students did not score any position in the event but gave a tough fight to the participants.

The three day event was a great learning experience for the students and gave them an

opportunity to interact with other participants who were from various universities of all over the