ECONOPOLY Intra College Competition 2023

IIS(Deemed to be University)



DATE- March 14,2023



The enthralling game of Econopoly is back with its Intra College round, involving participation from all departments. 


Econopoly was the life size portrayal of the tabletop game monopoly. The fundamental target of the occasion was to advance the topic of financial matters and show the members the expertise of dealing with their resources and make the round of exchange and vanquish a day to day existence measured occasion.


Every one of the members were first advised about the guidelines of the game and the judgement rules before the initiation of the main round. The Econopoly saw the dynamic cooperation of groups where each group attempted their level best to dominate the match.

Econopoly's most memorable round started with 3 groups taking part, with one player from each group going about as a token. 


Each group should play out fun tasks, for example, rapid fire, riddles , Difficulties and so on connected with financial matters and current issues. Certain tomfoolery tasks, for example, snare step challenge, dart game, break the pinnacle and so on broke the dullness of the game. The game tested the capacity of the members in purchasing, selling and exchanging properties. Toward the end, the group with the greatest worth of resources would be proclaimed as the victor.


The primary round ended up being astounding applause which raised the expectations for the other team members involved. The subsequent round started with the support of the leftover groups.


The subsequent round too finished on an extremely high note and satisfaction was noticeable on the essences of the understudies. The round was trailed by a little break before the statement of the victors.


The entertaining event came to an end with the announcement of the much awaited results! The distribution of awards and certificates by Prof. C.R Bishnoi ( Head ,Department of Economics, IISU). Sir congratulated the winners on their victory. The remaining participants were also provided with participation certificates to keep up their enthusiasm.