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Department of Economics
The IIS Economic Society organised a fun and engaging inter-collegiate event knoen as " Econopoly" within the dynamic framework of the university's eagerly anticipated annual festival, Cosmos. Econopoly, a captivating rendition reminiscent of the traditional Monopoly board game but on a grander scale, unfolded in the esteemed Ojas Hall. Distinguished institutions such as Maharaja  College, Kanoria College, Commerce College, JECRC, St. Xavier's College, and Jaipuria Institute participated, infusing the event with a diverse and spirited ambiance.
Teams, comprising a maximum of four players, navigated through an assortment of intellectually stimulating games that included Pictionary, Dumb Charades, Jenga, Movie guessing, Riddles, Quiz, Identify the Celebrities, Identify the Formula, Whisper Challenge, Glass Pong, Heads up, Guess the economic terms and a myriad of other engaging activities. The carefully curated lineup of games aimed not only to challenge participants but also to foster a sense of camaraderie and intellectual
As the event reached its end, a meticulously organized prize-giving ceremony took center stage. Trophies and certificates were awarded to the winners, while each participant received a tangible memento in the form of a participation certificate. This thoughtful acknowledgment not only celebrated individual achievements but also recognized the collective spirit that permeated the
The unequivocal success of Econopoly was not merely confined to its logistical precision but also resonated in the palpable atmosphere of healthy competition and unabashed enjoyment that enveloped the participant cohort. In essence, Econopoly emerged not just as an event but as a vibrant tapestry of intellectual engagement and communal celebration.