Departmental Orientation UG/PG 2023-24

IIS (deemed to be University)

Department of Economics

Orientation Report 2023-24


Commencing the academic year with a spirit of inclusivity and enlightenment, the Department of Economics at the IIS University organized an orientation for the new students of the 2023-2024 session on August 9th, 2023, in the Ojas Hall. The central focus of the orientation was to acquaint the students with the department and provide a thorough understanding of the academic programs, faculty members and available resources. The event drew a participation of 41 students.

The session commenced with a presentation by Dr. Anima Vaish, an Associate Professor within the department. She introduced the students to the department’s faculty members and navigated them through the university’s official website, highlighting the invaluable resources available, such as syllabi, class schedules, news, and events. She proceeded to elaborate on the diverse undergraduate and postgraduate programs offered by the department, detailing credit structures, course outcomes, assessment methods, evaluation procedures and potential placement opportunities. She also gave the attendees a comprehensive overview of past departmental events, including guest lectures, panel discussions, field visits, national workshops and conferences.

Following ma’am’s presentation, the IIS Economics Society was introduced, outlining its objectives, core roles, and responsibilities. Each member of the society was introduced, displaying a PowerPoint presentation and a video of past occurrences, made by the Publicity Team of the council. The seniors then assumed the role of hosts, organizing an ice-breaking session for the newcomers. The activities included interactive games like Quiz competition, Simon says, and a trading game named “Becho Toh Jaane.” The seniors then showcased their talents through singing and dance performances, adding a dynamic and energetic element to the atmosphere. Students showed competitiveness and participation, and had a great time playing all the games. Winners were rewarded with chocolates and bookmarks.

A designated selfie corner created by the council members enabled students to capture memories of the occasion while also sharing their feedback on sticky notes provided to them. In conclusion, the event was a lively, engaging, and enlightening session that garnered a positive response from all the students.