Panel discussion on GST

Start Date: 
Wednesday, 5 October 2016
Start Time: 
03:00 am
AV Hall, The IIS University


The Department of Economics and the Department of Accounts and Taxation of the IIS University jointly organized a Panel Discussion on "Goods and Service Tax", on 5th October, 2016.

The discussion was conducted by three panelists CA Jatin Harjai, CA Yash Dhadda and CA Keshav Gupta. CA Jatin Harjai started the session with a presentation about benefits of GST by explaining how a car is taxed multiple times at different stages of production. .

The session was then carried forward by CA Yash Dadha who further spoke on the topic and gave a deeper insight on the topic. Supply, SGST, CGST, IGST were some of the concepts explained by him. CA Yash also spoke about the GST council and products not covered under the umbrella of GST.  

CA Keshav Gupta, the third panelist gave the final presentation on the topic.
He explained the use of IT in GST along with the registration process for the companies and the filling of purchase and sales of companies.

The session ended with the question answer session with the students where queries regarding GST were answered by the three panelists.

Students showed keen interest throughout the session and also raised concerns regarding impact of GST on tax evasion, inflation and unemployment.

The session was well-appreciated by the students and the faculty. It was hence a very enriching and enlightening discussion.