Guest lecture on WTO: An Overview of Multilateral Agreements

Start Date: 
Wednesday, 27 September 2017
Start Time: 
10:00 am
A.V. Hall

The Department of Economics of the IIS University organized a guest lecture on ‘World Trade Organisation: An Overview of Multilateral Agreements’ on September 27, 2017 in the AV Hall. Dr. Meeta Mathur presided over as the Guest Speaker. She was welcomed with floral greetings by Prof. C.R. Bishnoi, the Head of the Department. She began the lecture by discussing the increasing role of international trade in the era of globalization. Then she went on to explain the role of World Trade Organisation (WTO) in facilitating smooth trade across countries. The introduction comprised of evolution of WTO from GATT, its purpose and various functions. The students were made familiar with types of trade agreements, Multilateral Trade Agreements in particular and the principles of its working under WTO. A detailed description regarding areas under the ambit of WTO agreements such as GATS, AoA, TRIPS, TRIMS and ATC, to name a few, was given through a power point presentation. The 10th Ministerial Meet of WTO Nairobi Package-2015, in which decisions on agriculture, cotton and issues related to LDCs were taken, was talked upon by Dr. Mathur. The lecture concluded with a formal vote of thanks and presenting a memento to the Guest Speaker. The lecture proved to be an enriching experience for the students.