Guest lecture on 'India and China: Experience with Reforms'

Start Date: 
Saturday, 9 October 2021
Start Time: 
10:00 am
AV Hall


The Department of Economics, IIS (deemed to be) University organised a guest lecture on “India and China: Experience with Reforms” on 9th October, 2021, in the AV Hall from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. The spokesperson was Prof. Meeta Mathur, who is Prof, Department of Economics & Director, NITI Aayog Chair in the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. The lecture was attended by 60 students of PG and UG Economics course.

The main aim of the lecture was to educate the students on the various Economic Reforms adopted by India and China and how the differences in the Reforms of both countries made them walk different paths in the last three decades.

The lecture started with the comparison between countries in terms of parameters, and then insights about the pattern of structural change, that is, China had manufacturing sector led growth whereas India had service sector led growth.

Prof. Meeta Mathur made the students aware about how trade performance,consumption pattern and foreign investmentplay an important role for economic development of a nation by taking China’s case study.

The session was concluded on the note of analyzing the factors responsible for miraculous success of China along with the challenges faced by China and India which become a hurdle for their economic development. At the end some of the queries were also answered.

This event was very interesting as well as informative, since the students could apply their theoretical knowledge empirically.