Statistics for Social Sciences through SPSS

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ECO 143
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Unit I: 
Unit I
  • Introduction to SPSS
  • Graphical Representation of Data
  • Measures of Central Tendency
  • Measures of Dispersion
Unit II: 
Unit II
  • Normal probability curve
  • Correlation
  • Regression Analysis
  • t-test: one sample t test, two independent samples t test and paired sample t test
Unit III: 
Unit III
  • One-way ANOVA
  • Two Way ANOVA
Unit IV: 
Unit IV

Non Parametric tests:

  • Chi-square test
  • Mann-Whitney U Test
  • Kruskal-Wallis H test
  • Wilcoxon test
  • Friedman test
Unit V: 
Unit V
  • Introduction to Multivariate Analysis
  • Factor Analysis
  • Principal Component AnalysiS
  1. Hari Shankar Asthana and Braj Bhushan, Statistics for Social Sciences with SPSS Applications, Prentice-Hall of India, New Delhi
  2. Elliot T. Berkman and Steven P. Reise, A Conceptual Guide to Statistics Using SPSS(2011), SAGE
  3. Andy Field, Discovering Statistics using SPSS, SAGE, New Delhi, 2013 (4th Edition)
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