Indian Economy-Issues & Challenges

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ECO 144
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Unit I: 
Unit I
  • Characteristics of Indian population, National Population Policy
  • Poverty, unemployment, regional imbalances and income inequalities
  • National Income estimates in India – Growth and Structure
  • Human Development: PQLI, Human Development Index, Gender Development Index, Gender Related Development Index and Multidimensional Poverty Index
Unit II: 
Unit II
  • Agricultural Development in India – Trends in production
  • Food policy and security, Subsidy and public distribution system,
  • Growth & Pattern of  Industrialization
  • Growth and contribution of service sector;
Unit III: 
Unit III
  • India’s foreign trade: Value, Composition and Direction
  • India’s Balance of Payments
  • Trade Policy of Government of India
  • Foreign Capital
  • International organizations for regional economic cooperation: SAARC, European Union, EFTA, NAFTA
Unit IV: 
Unit IV
  • The Indian Tax Structure
  • Public Expenditure in India-Trends & Issues
  • Public Debt in India
  • India’s Fiscal policy
  • Federal Finance in India: Centre-State Financial Relations
Unit V: 
Unit V
  • Economic Reforms and Liberalization
  • Price trends and Inflation
  • Commercial Banking in India
  • Reserve Bank of India and its Monetary Policy
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