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, Yashasvi Pandey  
C.R. Bishnoi
(UGC-CARE List Group I)
A Cross Country Analysis of Components of
Economic Growth Through the Growth Accounting Approach
Theoretical and
Applied Economics
 XXIX, 4(633)  89-102 2022  
 A. Sharma
An Econometric Approach to Analyse the
Perceived Cartel Behaviour of OPEC
Theoretical and Applied Economics XXIX. 3(632) 27-42  2022  
P. Singh  Dr. Anima Vaish

(UGC-CARE List Group II - Web of Science)

An Investigation of India’s Trade with BRICS Countries: Gravity Model Approach

International Journal of Agricultural & Statistical Sciences Vol. 18, Supplement 1 1609-1616 2022 0973-1903

A. Meena  

Dr. Anima Vaish

 (UGC – CARE Listed)

A Mathematical Model for Analysing the Significance of Information Technology Resources in School Education during Pandemic

Journal of Interdisciplinary Mathematics, Francis & Taylor Group Volume 25 - Issue 3 741-752 2022 0972-0502

A. Meena 

Dr. Anima Vaish Analysis of Inter-state School Education Development in India Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education Vol.12 No.6 3199-3216 2021  
Anjali Meena Dr. Anima Vaish Inter -state Appraisal of School Education Development in India Journal of Xi'an University of Architecture & Technology Volume XII, Issue III, 2020 171-185 2020 1006-7930