Computer application in economic analysis

Paper Code: 
ECO 324(B - T)
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This module is design based on paper Computer Application in Economic Analysis theory.

Unit I: 
Introduction to Computers and Peripherals

Basic components of computer – CPU, Input-output devices, keyboard, mouse & Scanner, video display, primers and plotters, data storage and retrieval, hard disk, Floppy disk and CD ROM;
Types of computers and their applications,
Hardware, software and firmware.
Generations of Programming Languages and their applications
Concept of data, Information

Unit II: 
Introduction to Operating System

•    Introduction to Operating system, Types of operating System (Windows XP),
•    Components of the Windows Operating System (Desktop, Different type of menu, Taskbar, Control Panel, accessories),
•    Introduction to Spreadsheet (MS Excel) Basic, Function, MS-Chart, Sorting and Filtering of Data.

Unit III: 
Introduction to Networking and Internet.

Computer networking and resource sharing,
Application of Network, Goals of Network, Types of Network, Network topology,
Introduction to Internet Application of Internet (WWW, E-mail).
Use of Internet in Research.

Unit IV: 
Application in Finance & Economics

•    On line Banking: ATM’s Electronic stock exchange, Electronic trading, Data sharing and decimation
•    Electronic transaction; Document delivery; Authentication and validation transaction processing.

Unit V: 
Application in Commerce

•    Electronic trading and marketing on line shopping and malls, B2B, B2C, C2B and G2B models and their applications.
•    Document and transaction security and digital signature.

Essential Readings: 

1.    Rajaraman, V. (1996), Fundamentals of Computers, Prentice Hall of India, New Delhi.

2.    Sanders D.H. (1988), Computers Today, McGram Hill (3rd Edition) Intrilligator, M.D. (1978), Economic Models.

3.    Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Techniques and Applications, Prentice Hall

4.    Wood, M.B. (1983), Introduction Computer Security, Broadman Associates, Delhi.