Computer application in economic analysis

Paper Code: 
ECO 324(B - T)
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This module is design based on paper Computer Application in Economic Analysis theory.

Unit I: 
Introduction to Computers and Peripherals
  • Basic components of computer-CPU, input and output devices: keyboard, mouse, scanner, VDU, printers, primers plotters.
  • Types of computers and their applications, hardware, software and firmware.
  • Generations of programming languages and their applications.


Unit II: 
Introduction to Operating System and Networking
  • Introduction to operating system, types and versions of operating system.
  • Components of the windows operating system: desktop, menus, taskbar, control panel, accessories.
  • Introduction to networking communication, goals of network, types of network, network topologies.
  • Introduction to internet, applications of internet, use of internet in research.


Unit III: 
Data Management tools
  • MS-excel basics, functions, charts, sorting data, filtering data, macros, pivot table.
  • Introduction to DBMS, definitions, role, purpose and advantages of databases, basic concepts of data, information, file, record, tables and relationships.


Unit IV: 
Overview of E-Commerce
  • Introduction to e-commerce, e-commerce business models, security in e-commerce.
  • E-payment systems: credit cards, e-cash, e-wallet, introduction to secure electronic transaction (SET).
  • E-security: introduction, concepts, challenges and threats for e-security, solutions: cryptography, digital signatures, authentication, digital certificates, and secure socket layer.
Unit V: 
Economics and Banking
  • Introduction, definition, concept, need of e-banking.
  • Forms of e-banking: electronic banking, PC banking, Internet banking, remote banking, mobile banking.
  • Introduction, concepts, components of wireless banking, risk management.
  • Introduction to cyber crime and cyber law.
Essential Readings: 

1. Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Techniques and Applications, Prentice Hall

2.  Rajaraman, V. (1996), Fundamentals of Computers, Prentice Hall of India, New    Delhi.




     1.  Sanders D.H. (1988), Computers Today, McGram Hill (3rd Edition) Intrilligator, M.D. (1978), Economic Models.

  1. Wood, M.B. (1983), Introduction Computer Security, Broadman Associates, Delhi.